World Bank Loves Your Work

A “thumbs up” from the World Bank is a mixed blessing. On the one hand the global business community should recognize that South Sudan is greater than the oilfields and rebel vs. government conflict. 

But isn’it a little shady for the World Bank to come up and sign an investment deal with South Sudan when the U.S. and others are about to levy sanctions because members of the top leadership are (a) storing millions of dollars abroad and (b) still learning the “don’t encourage civil war” thing?

I say, yes. Yes it is. What Effing deals are you going to finance in South Sudan to bring stability at the grassroots level, WB? That’s not exactly your wheelhouse. Or are you going to leap straight into heavy industries like mining without first making sure there’s enough food, *real* environmental protection and economic opportunity for the country’s 90%+ rural population – you know, the things that precipitated the past 50 years of violence and unrest?

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