Best Weapon Against Boko Haram? Cash

On this Nigerian kidnapping and Sudanese Christian woman on death row: the outrage and mobilized surveillance aircraft is welcome, but do you follow the infant and maternal mortality rates in African countries? Then there’s all the conditions surrounding just those two phenomena – the economic factors slowing/limiting access to electricity, income, medical care, etc. – and the consequences – damaged families, women and children unable to participate in science, leadership or the work force.

It’s unhealthy to focus too much on specific instances, because it distorts the picture. Nigerian entrepreneurs are kicking *ss and taking names. They and their peers across the continent need all the support and cheering on they can get. Otherwise groups like Boko Haram will thrive, because groups like Boko Haram install themselves as providers of the services people want – a sense of community and purpose, social services (medical care, education, etc.) and security.

Of course, it’s hard to rally celebrities and social media around “economic development”. But if you really want to disrupt the institutionalized abuse and neglect of women and children in countries like Nigeria, that’s the key.

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