T-Rump Rex

I will not be surprised if Trump wins the Republican candidacy. And yes, I’m willing to put money on this.

In the GOP leadership struggle occasioned by the the 2016 campaign, Trump’s rump is already on the GOP throne. This is thanks to his charisma and power (money, influence), along with an understanding of both the U.S. news media and the American “mob mind”.

Much like a would-be tyrant he is trying to take over a weak institution — the GOP has been seriously enervated by (a) the battle with the Tea Party and (b) the demands of moneyed interest groups (e.g. Koch Brothers — and presenting himself as the unconventional outsider who can fix problems and deliver results.

Who can seriously challenge him? His rivals in the GOP have three main disadvantages.

– First, the GOP “hive brain” would love to see a Republican take the presidency, and is clearly succumbing to the Alpha Dog scent pumped out by Trump’s “organs of state”. That means that GOP loyalists will be hesitant to do anything to weaken their prospective candidate.

– Second, most of the establishment GOP has overplayed an oversimplified populist message of (a) White nationalism and (b) God and business = good, government = bad”. Those are emotional stories without a human face — Trump gives it a face and in doing so, becomes the beneficiary of all that raw emotion.

– Third, Trump has a clean slate as far as a policy record. He never cast a controversial Congressional vote. He never sent U.S. soldiers to die overseas.

So brace yourself, folks. Game of Trumps is coming.

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