I think the immediate future of North America and Europe hinges on migration and energy.

I think the immediate future of North America and Europe hinges on migration and energy.

The political Left and Right need to get their sh*t together on these issues. Economics punishes you harshly for excluding people from the marketplace and misusing your energy resources.


Going for a Big Picture approach, I think a “healthy” society learns, adapts and advances…sometimes without its constituents realizing what they’re doing. Who can really say they predicted the internet or the American Civil Rights movement or the United Nations?

Establishing global mutual interests and structures of collaboration is key, just like the ones we’ve seen grow over the past 200 years.

I hope it’s true that we collectively advance more than we realize. I hope that the positive and constructive things we do collectively outweigh the negative and destructive.

As we evolve, it seems that our capacity to act also grows. For good or for evil: if we wanted to, we now have the technology to set the sky on fire and poison the ocean and destroy the earth beneath our feet.

But maybe to truly advance from local tribe to national society to global civilization means being more conscious and intentional with that power: how you source and apply it.

Maybe what moves us forward is learning to use these new resources and abilities for others, rather than just for ourselves. Pushing outward instead of inward, bringing people in instead of keeping them out.

Think of that in terms of migration and energy policies.

Focused inward, why not keep people out…or only bring them in on terms most favorable to us and worst for them (slaves, vulnerable undocumented laborers). Focused inward, why not burn up everyone else’s resources for the sake of our own comfort?

Focus inward as a community, a society, nation…and that’s where you grow. Inward. Imploding. Into nothing.

You cannot stay the same. You cannot un-change the changes that are happening. You cannot remove yourself from the universe by isolating yourself from it, by pretending it doesn’t exist. Unless your goal is to stop existing.

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