Scaffolding on the Tower of Babel

Fake News and Media Bias are bogus concepts. It’s about Confirmation Bias and that is a great evolutionary tool — we just need to understand how it works and how to use it. Overcoming bias requires more ways for us to communicate about more things.

Conservatives and Liberals are both right. Civilizations and cultures are fundamentally incompatible — “Whites” and “Non-Whites”, Muslims and Judeo-Christians, China and the USA, Immigrants and Natives. But they are only incompatible in static form — in a fixed geography, time, and environment. And there is no static form.

Put another way: no two objects occupy the same space at the same time. But they are never the same object from one moment or place to the next. It’s not about whether they *can* — it’s that they *don’t*.

The “emergence” issue is that (A) People from different groups, experiences, backgrounds, etc. *can* establish a foundation of common interests and common principles, but (B) Their differences make it hard to communicate efficiently about these things, which means © There is continuing disruptive friction.

Hack the narrative, folks.

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