Don’t Let Yellow Fever Make a Comeback in the USA

The U.S. has not experienced an outbreak of yellow fever in more than a century; the 1905 epidemic in New Orleans that killed more than 430 people was the last. Yet the past 20 years have seen the appearance or reappearance of several other mosquito-borne diseases in this country. (Source)

Why are healthcare and education global issues? It’s not just because epidemics are bad and sick people can’t grow the economy – they can’t buy your stuff or create things you want.

Hints: West Nile virus in 1999; dengue fever in 2001; Zika in 20016. Those are global diseases that hit the USA in recent years (never mind the Spanish Flu that killed ~675,000 Americans between 1918 and 1919).

The point is we want more scientists and more medical tools, not less, when the next epidemics come to the USA. And we want scientists and technology available *on site* where the epidemics start, to fight the problems before they can spread to reach us at home.

Des volontaires luttent contre la grippe espagnole

For the USA, this doesn’t mean the government needs to *give away* education and healthcare. It means that Americans have to invest their money and persistence and creativity into education and healthcare solutions the same way they invest them in anything else that is essential to their happiness, health, safety, and comfort.

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